Selected Poems

Virginia is for Lovers

Little Patuxent Review | Winter 2017

(after Henri Cole) How long will it be before I start feeling like this place is our home? Before the strange corners squatting in this house stop gouging my hips. Before our neighbors quit bringing us bread and handwritten notes. Will my new license plate always taunt me with its prescription for love? Everyone says…

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North American Review | Summer 2016

It’s 4:37 in the morning and I am almost all here. Listening for the heavy sound of the fan kicking on, muffling the thuds of the delivery truck unloading fruit, the rumbling, irregular traffic on Mill Road, the inexplicable banging in the hallway which will probably wake the dog and start him whining again, I…

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The Journal | 39.2 Spring 2015

In the fourth grade Billy Morton calls me a chink and I think at first it’s because he sees my mother sitting quietly in the last row behind all the other mothers on back-to-school night (her black ink hair falling down to her waist like a curtain closed to everyone whenever she bends her head),…

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